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Long Awaited Update

DRAMA! DRAMA! DRAMA! It's been a while. I apologize. Let's summarize this up in a couple of quick sentences and if you want to know all the info, it is below. I tried the online dating thing. It's as bad here as it is in the states. Tried making friends, girls as just as trifling here as they are in the states. I tried to be a good teacher and I got burned. BUT I'M OK!

So let's start with dating because it's honestly the shortest story and the other two are somewhat connected. So Tinder is fairly new in Korea. I remember when I first started seeing ads featuring Seungri from BigBang and I thought it was hilarious. Maybe not so much now considering all of his scandals but still. I asked my friend about it if Tinder had the same "reputation" as it does in the states and he said no. WRONG! There is also Bumble, which was starting to spread at home so I figured why not.

Conversations pretty much go the same way. "Hi! Where are you? Do you live alone?". To which I still respond, "no I live with my ex-convict brother and our Pitt Rockwieler mix. Do you want to come over?" There always stop answering after that. I'm not sure why. I did agree to meet up with one guy for coffee and it was okay. We talked for a while but nothing worth writing about. He eventually stopped talking to me because he thought that I was leading him on. Honestly not sure how me saying, "I'm not interested in sleeping with you, but we can still talk." is a lead on. Not even, we can be friends. I'm nothing if not blunt, so when someone tells me that I am leading them on, it confuses me.


As far as work goes. I have been told that I have the potential to be a really great teacher, and with the right training, I would be golden. The problem is that my current school does not have the time to train me to be the Golden Teacher. I'm not going to give any of the school's details. I will say that it is a hagwon south of Seoul. The town is nice enough, my apartment is great was just about to start getting some furniture before I got the news that I would be given the opportunity to go to a new school and get some more experience and training.

I have two minds when it comes to this. 1.) THANK GOODNESS! I was honest to Pete miserable lately. I've been trying my hardest to do what I am being told but when I am being told three different things, and no one is actually watching me teach to tell me exactly what I'm doing wrong, how am I supposed to improve? 2.) I can't believe I just got fired from my first job! Well not fired. In the words of my Soon-to-be Previous Director, I am not being fired, I'm being released from my contract so that I can get more training and then I am welcome to come back. I'm not going back.


This brings us to the friend issue. I was "fortunate" to team up with a pretty cool group of girls that will meet up occasionally. I am one of the older ones, which I knew was going to be the case. This whole "Teach Abroad" thing is something that 20 somethings do fresh out of college, to explore the world before becoming part of it. When they found out about the whole release from my contract, you would think I had the plague and they didn't want to catch it.


It was assumed that I would be to "stressed out" to meet up with everyone so it was suggested that I sit the next gathering out. The funny thing is I am pretty much known for hiding my feelings and as far as I had known, short of firmly rejecting the idea of a job in Jeju because it's so far from everything, I was not showing any sign of stress. I was actually fairly optimistic. I still have my apartment for a month. I am sure that someone was going to need an immediate teacher and I am willing to move almost anywhere, except, as I mentioned, Jeju. I even have recruiters and interviews lined up. I am honestly not worried. What I am, is in need of a support group.

Well, that is everything as of right now. Full disclosure, I am writing this and postdating it so everything is not as emotionally fresh. Oh one more thing, I finally went out lol. I went to Suwon with a coworker to distract her from her "Boy Troubles". We went to the fortress and did some shopping. It was pretty great!

See you next time!

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