Recessionista Files: How I save money while teaching in South Korea

Teaching abroad has a lot of benefits. You get to travel to exotic locations and in many instances live rent-free. Since my current cost of living is VERY low I am trying to focus on saving. I want to clean up my credit score and start paying off my student loans, but while I'm here I also want to travel, have experiences, and live comfortably. In order to do all of that one needs to plan ahead. And budgeting is helpful.

Now here are a couple of things that you have to know about me. I like money, and I like Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets, to help me calculate my money. The number of managers that I have had over the years that could not use Excel or were afraid of it is maddening!

I'm going to show you the budget that I use and how I use it. As an added bonus, I'm even going to let you download it to use as your own and how you can tweak it.


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